Cool your home naturally
and breathe in the benefits.

How It Works

NightBreeze is a smart fresh air system that automatically brings in filtered outdoor air through the ducts to freshen and cool each room in a home. NightBreeze operation is fully automatic, quiet, safe and secure. The windows stay closed.

Improve Indoor Comfort and Air Quality

In summer, NightBreeze precools a home overnight to get a “head start” on the heat. NightBreeze turns itself on and off at just the right times, maximizing energy savings.

Bringing in fresh, filtered outdoor air to cool your home also improves indoor air quality.

NightBreeze App Homepage Image

Stay Smart & Connected

With the NightBreeze app, it’s easy to input comfort preferences. Each night, the app will automatically download the temperature forecast and use it with the comfort preferences to determine just when to ventilate and cool the home.

Set it and forget it!

Do Good for Your Wallet and the Planet.

After a home is precooled with NightBreeze, it doesn’t need as much air conditioning the next day, saving energy and money. Depending on climate and comfort preferences, NightBreeze can cut the cost of cooling a home in half!

Each NightBreeze saves up to 1 ton of carbon emissions every year!

Winter Ventilation

In winter, NightBreeze supplies fresh air for ventilation up to 10 minutes per hour. If it’s cold outside, NightBreeze won’t ventilate to prevent cold drafts and save on heating.